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به این شرط غیر ممکن یا “no Possibility” می گویند.

اولین و دومین شرط در مورد آینده بودند ولی سومین شرط مربوط به گذشته می شود. ما به موقعیتی در گذشته فکر می کنیم که رخ نداده است.

به نظر شما چرا به آن no Possibility می گویند؟

زیرا موقعیتی که به آن فکر می کنیم در گذشته رخ نداده و دیگر وقت آن گذشته است . شما هفته پیش یک بلیط Lottery (بخت آزمایی) خریداری کردید ولی برنده نشدید.

ساختار کلی جملات شرطی نوع دوم به شکل زیر است :

حال کامل (ماضی نقلی) + مُدال گذشته + , + ماضی بعید + if


نتیجه شرط اگر
WOULD HAVE +Past Participle Past Perfect
I would buy a car. I won the lottery If


نکته: گاهی اوقات به جای would have از could have ، should have و might have نیز میتوان استفاده کرد.

If you had bought a Lottery, you might have won.

به چند مثال توجه کنید:

نتیجه شرط اگر
WOULD HAVE +past participle past perfect
I would have told her. I had seen Mary if
I would have invited her. Tara had been free yesterday if
their teacher would have been sad. they had not passed their exam if
would you have stayed at home? it had rained yesterday if
what would you have done? it had rained yesterday


مثال دوم :

شرط اگر نتیجه
past perfect if WOULD HAVE +past participle
I had seen her if I would have told Mary
she had been free yesterday if I would have invited Tara
they had not passed their exam. if Their teacher would have been sad
it had rained yesterday? if Would you have stayed at home
it had rained yesterday? What would you have done
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با شما تماس میگیریم!

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